Michael Cox - bio
Michael Cox was saved by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus over twenty-eight years ago.
He is a founder and elder of Christ Community Bible Church in Oakhurst, California. He also serves as the director of two homeschool programs, which serve hundreds of home-schooling families helping them fulfill their educational and child training goals. He graduated from San Diego Christian College with a B.A. in History/ Education and from Azusa Pacific University with an M.A. in Educational Leadership. Mike is married to Martine, his love for over twenty-three years. He is the father of eight children ranging in ages from two to eighteen.

Michael’s SWFVC 2017 Messages


What Other People are Saying about Michael

 “I heartily recommend Mike Cox for several reasons. The most critical matter for anyone who is preaching is his view of the Bible and its applicability here and now. What I have always loved about Mike Cox is that he has a sincere and unquenchable desire to follow the scriptures in all things. He loves the local church, and his family reflects the happiness of the kingdom of heaven.”
~ Scott Brown, Pastor & NCFIC Director

 “Michael Cox is a fervent defender of the sufficiency of Scripture and the preeminence of Christ Jesus in all life. God has given him a brilliant mind to quickly analyze essential doctrine and practical application in these areas. He is a gifted preacher who maintains a gospel-centric focus while proclaiming the whole counsel of God’s Word. Michael and I have been friends for many years and I can commend his ministry to all whole-heartedly.”
~ Tom E. Gindorf, Jr., Pastor

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