Gabriel Hudelson - bio
A homeschooler and a preacher's kid, Gabriel watched his father lead youth ministries, wrestle through the Biblical principles regarding family integration, and eventually leave the youth ministry to plant a family-integrated church. As a pastor's son, he was blessed with front-row opportunities to engage in theological and cultural issues under the loving and diligent instruction of Godly parents. He is passionate about proclaiming the triumphant reign of Jesus Christ in every area of life, and strives to see the glorious self-expression of God that is woven into the illustrative world He has made. Gabriel is now married to the woman of his dreams, and they live with their baby girl in southern Arizona. 


Gabriel’s Message(s)

A Call to War
Saturday, January 28, 2:30PM
In the midst of a culture of apathetic adolescence, many second-generation believers want to be more than just complacent Christians. But what does this look like? How can a young man make the best use of his single years? What about the girl who is still at home? What about choosing a career path? What to do with free time? And how does this courtship thing work?!? The answer to all of this stems from a heart of valiant maturity in Christ.  


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Past Messages

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